Auto Diagnostics

Auto DiagnosticsOne key element that differentiates EXOTTO from any other luxury automobile collision repairer is our in-house dedicated diagnostic centre. As the demand in luxury automobiles has called for superior performance, reliability and the personalized integration of computerized applications, the engineering of such automobiles has required the sophisticated marriage of mechanical, electrical and telematic technologies – which has become recognized in the industry as “automotive mechatronics”. Loosely defined, “mechatronics” is the intersection of mechanics, electronics, computers and controls.

While most people will never need to understand the intricacies of the “mechatronic” components that contribute to the safety, performance and comfort values of their automobiles, all they need to know is that at EXOTTO, we have an in-house, world class diagnostic centre that will restore all of the value propositions of your luxury vehicle in the event of an auto collision, to the manufacturer’s specifications. No other repair shop in Ontario has made such a commitment to its customers.

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