Auto Painting

Auto PaintingOur auto painting department is operated by specialists who understand that a quality collision repair is only achieved with a flawless paint re-finish. We use superior environmentally approved auto paint products which are applied in a state of the art spray booth. In most circumstances, we are able to create a finer finish than that of the original manufacturer. Our sophisticated mixing system ensures a perfect colour match every time. Visit the experts at EXOTTO auto painting Toronto for all your car painting needs.

BASF R-M Onyx HD Auto Paint

At EXOTTO Auto Body Paint we use only the finest automotive paints manufactured by BASF. The R-M Onyx HD waterborne basecoat system from BASF is the auto paint industries newest technology and allows us to duplicate factory finishes. All current model vehicles are factory finished with the same industry leading auto painting material.

R-M Onyx HD waterborne auto paint provides added durability and truer colour matching. Industry-leading technology assures you a beautiful high-quality finish that meets OEM standards.

While its advanced waterborne technology provides a superior, durable finish and more accurate colour match for your vehicle, it also helps to protect the environment as well as our employees health. There’s less waste, disposal is easier, and basecoat solvent emissions are reduces by up to 90 percent. In addition, it meets or exceeds OEM standards to ensure the same quality finish as the day your vehicle left the factory.